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We are not publishing any dates for 2021 until we know when we are coming out of Lockdown and have some idea of the path ahead. We can quickly arrange dates for Ludlow, Worcester and hopefully Kensington. Burford is looking possible for August but could be in a different format.

Trying to fit dates in the Calendar with other Organisers is quite hard enough without the problems the Country is facing at the present time. Please bear with us and we will post dates as soon as we think its feasibly possible to go ahead.

We have some exciting plans for 2022

Look forward to seeing you all again.

Stephanie and Ben

Postponed until 2021

 Our new venue for the Worcestershire Antiques Fair will be the Bank House Hotel, Bransford, Worcester. WR6 5JD

This is not as large as the Exhibition Centre at the Chateau Impney but has a seperate good size room which can accommodate approximately 40 x 12ft stands and three small furniture pitches. Next year there is also another ground floor room in the Hotel itself which would be available but unfortunately this is already booked out on our dates in October which we would like to keep. 24th/25th Ocotober 2020.

It has a large Car Park and good level unloading although we would probably need to stagger unloading times. For those wishing to stay at the Hotel it boasts a Spa, Swimming Pool, Contemporary Dining and an 18 hole Golf Course.

The Manager has been extremely helpful with this and we have been given a virtual tour but as you can imagine until we can get in to measure up, the details we can offer you are very limited. Liz and Don Bayliss used this venue as an Antiques Fair many years ago and we both stood here and seem to remember doing ok. We hope we can make it more than ok for everyone.

As soon as we have more details we will be in touch. This is of course if Events have been given the all clear by then.

It is hard to believe, but Chateau Impney Hotel has just posted on their website that they are closing permanently. We know no more than what we have read and will keep you posted as soon as information comes through. We feel so sad that this should happen and for the Owners and fantastic Staff that have been with us since the birth of The Worcestershire Antiques Fair, also our Dealers and Visitors that have supported us over the years. Please however keep the date free, we are not going down without a fight, we will do our best to find another suitable venue. Watch this space.

Thank you to all who attended the Worcestershire Antiques Fair this February.

Our Visitor numbers were amazing despite the terrible weather and thank you to our Dealers for putting on a great event.

Thank you everybody and hope you all got home safely.

 Kensington Glass and Ceramics Fair Cancelled.

Next date for this fair will be January 2021

 Burford Antiques Fair Cancelled.

Next date for this Fair will be August 2021

For more information on the Fairs please go to relevant pages.

Ludlow Dates now available and Burford date will follow  

Stephanie Castell 07778 294929

Ben Cooper 07961 371961